A sad loss to a friend….

Sadly @rosiecosy has passed away, last week. She was one of the girls who stayed away from the fox when all her other sisters passed away. She was a very sweet girl and didn’t mind being held  for a while, nice and cosey in our arms.

She will be sadly missed by her name-sake and us very much as her personality was very strong and lovely. Her sisters miss her and we hope that when we get another she has the same charastics as her predisister.

New photos & information

Just added a few new photos and I have new photos of the girls to add on their new pages as well! We still have two un-named girls so I’ll take any ideas for them, I’ll post their photos soon as I can!

Today 7/5 we were able to get a lot of needed weeding done, me sitting on the ground and begging the weeds to come to me so I could pull them out rather then moving to them, and Simon moving all over getting rhubarb and strawberries weeded.

We have Celery, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, Peas, French Beans, and other veggies all planted in the propagators. Thanks to a neighbour we have other tomatoes growing now in their own pots so that they settle and we can get them growing nicely.

And sadly, someone stole my four carrot tubs, emptied the dirt out and stole them off the allotment. Who knows why someone would steal them, they had holes in them, fiberglass broken, no knobs or anything…  Thankfully I saw another way to plant my carrots within the garden with luck and no flies getting to them.

We’re hoping that we get a great crop this year to help supplement the eggs and such. Who knows what will happen, but we can always hope and wish it all grows and maybe we’ll have some great food this summer!

Potato crop with chickens in the back ground

garden 7-5 035

Some of the onions

garden 7-5 027

Rhubarb growing nicely

garden 7-5 031garden 7-5 031

New chicken!

Some how we’ve gained a chicken, three go into the tiny coop that Penny gave us one year, and our large coop that the other five should go into, but with counting we suddenly are a chicken up! Not that we’re complaining about anything but we some how gained the extra chicken and don’t even know where or how or anything…

I tell you anything can happen on allotments, from meeting some great friends, stealing of our tiller and tubs, and foxes. But again another year and we continue to plant, feed the chickens, and meet up with friends and hope nothing gets stolen.

Stealing of my allotment supplies!

  As you’ve seen and heard I keep my carrots growing in bathtubs, fiberglass ones with holes and minging bottoms. Well some brain decided to steal all FOUR of the tubs I’ve been given! I swear it pisses me off to keep having things stolen from the allotment, I can’t have anything nice there because they steal things so quickly! Last year I had an early and late crop of carrots, but they sole and entire tub of my late carrots over 50 of them!! And a lot were going to my landlord’s children’s cavies,nothing big just helping them as they help us. But to steal an entire lot of carrots??? So plans are limited to what we keep there and now I have to ask my mate again for some tubs for the carrots in hopes that I can get them growing again because we love the carrots and there’s so many to pick from!

 Last year they stole our tiller, we had saved up for a cheap one but still the same they stole it! I swear I hate being there at times but know all the hard work we’ve put into it that I wouldn’t move for the life of me! We suffered through glass, brambles, theft, and foxes! But it’s our allotment and something we’ve put hard work into and something we’ll continue to do because we love it so! Even in the dirt to plant things I enjoy things there and can’t wait for the summer to be crawling again. I don’t get far and I may not do much but I love the allotment and we’ll keep going and keep battling to have our things.

Some Names for the Princesses

I was lucky enough to have a good day to visit the girls on Sunday. The other black speckled girl is Grutrude, the large White Speckled is Sylvia and we have a girl with a double crown who is named Trice.

We hope to have their photos soon so you can see these beautiful girls :)



More sad news :(

Well as you know Simon lets the princesses out in the morning and away at night, well in his counting he found out her was missing one.. He went in to the big coop and found a black speckled had passed away, Greta or Gretchen as I didn’t see her :(

We miss her even though we hadn’t had her for long, her sisters will miss her as well.

Wish us luck with the weather and the chickens.


New Good News, Busy Day!!

Well we were quite busy yesterday 3.1.13 we got our new seven girls from the bloke who promised them to us. We got to pick from what was left over as we had already taken in the three we had honestly wanted and since saving up over a £100 would take us until spring and then some for going to the farm and getting chickens there, we just went this route, which is fine by all concerned.

I can’t tell you names but I’m willing to accept some names that are good  for chickens, I’m still looking at Greta and maybe Gretchen for the two Black Speckled girls we have. But one special girl got a special name yesterday, the white girl that lived with @rosiecosy is now named Lucky because she was very Lucky to have survived! The two Black Speckled like to hang out on a perch together so I think I’ll name them Greta and Gretchen.

As for photos we’ll see what can be done, and if things go our way we’ll be getting four more! We might have a coop from Freecycle depending on what happens with everything. Or we’ll work to get them into a good home. If you’re interested please let me or Simon know you want some free chickens!!